Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kindness in Goodwill

Here is a heartwarming story shared by a special someone that I got in my email. I hope it brings a cheerful smile to your face today ~ Kat

Last week, my friend was leafing through a bunch of clothes when he found a crumpled up note. Right then, he turns to me and says, "I don't know what amount this is, but it's yours. Pay it forward, leave 'em a smile card and lots to smile about." That bills ends up being a ten-dollar bill.

All week I've been wondering what to do. Saturday morning rolled around and I had to drop off a couple of bags of clothes at Goodwill. I had been to this particular Goodwill store before and as I'm driving, my mind wandered to the people working at the store. There is a large room at the back of the store for dropping off items and there are always people in the room sorting through the dozens of bags left for donations. I thought to myself, that's not the most glamorous job, but those people are making a difference. Bingo! There it was! Those people needed some type of recognition.

I turned the car around, stopped by a local grocery store, picked up a couple of thank-you cards and some candy. I placed the candy in two bags, since I had two bags of clothes. I wrote a note of appreciation in the thank-you cards, slipped a smile card inside each thank-you card, stapled the cards to the bags of candy, and slipped the bags in between my clothes.

I had a couple of dollars left over so I gave them to a homeless woman sitting outside the grocery store. $10 well spent :)

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