Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kindness at the Airport

In about the same degree as you are helpful, you will be happy." -- Karl Reiland

Idea of the Week

"I travel for business all the time and I know that airports are places in urgent need of random kindness. Lately, I've had opportunities to make a tiny dent in the airport frenzy - at the cart line. I remember when we could rent a cart to haul our bags for $1.25, but over the last few months, airports have raised fees as high as $5 and often travelers stand at the cart line, stymied by a lack correct change or credit card to pay the fee. At first, impatience (the currency of airport life) was my reaction to people 'holding up the line'. Then I realized this was an opportunity to help. Now when I see someone clearly frustrated by a need for help with their bags, unable to liberate a cart for lack of cash or a card, I simply step up and put my credit card in the machine so they can get the cart. Typically they think I am just stepping in front of them - but when I tell them to take the cart, you can fee tension slip away. To make sure they aren't embarrassed, I always leave them with encouragement to pay their 'airport karma' forward."

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