Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making Dreams Come True

I wish more people realized that everyone has a dream. In this case, thanks to Michael Buble who did just this. I can only imagine how proud one mom and her son Sam felt after this moment. Be warned: There is some profanity from Michael Buble but the meaning is of this message is what it meant for Sam!

If you can, encourage someone today to make their dreams a reality! Go for it! Reach for the brass ring! Follow the rainbow! Live your dream!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kindness of Strangers

Sharing a story that just popped in my email and I hope you all enjoy it. A reminder that no deed of kindness goes unnoticed.

"The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring." -- Oscar Wilde

Idea of the Week

"I was six years old and in foster care. My foster mother was not the kind of person I would have chosen to stay with. One morning she sent me to the store for a sack of flour. On the walk back home I was doing what any six year old would have been doing -- playing. Because of that I dropped the sack of flour and it burst open spilling the flour all over the ground. I knew that this meant I would be in big trouble when I got home. A driver saw the distress on my face and pulled over. He came over to me and asked what was wrong. I told him that I would probably get the beating of my life if I went back without the flour I had been sent for. He took me by the hand and led me back to the store where he bought me a new sack of flour - and some candy! Then he wiped my tears and sent me on my way home. I never told my foster mother about the kind gentleman but later twenty-three years old now and I still remember him and his kindness."

Monday, September 5, 2011

Finding New Ways To Help

I got this over the weekend in my email and thought what a great idea. Imagine if more of these popped up all over and we helped one another out in what ways we could as a group effort. I hope you enjoy it and if inspired, let the idea grow. Love and Hugs ~ Kat


I started a Really Really Free Market in my town as a way to bring the community together.
A Really Really Free Market is like a cross between a farmer's market and a garage/yard sale, except everything is free! People show up with stuff to give away and take what they need from other people's abundance.
It took a little while to catch on but now it seems fairly busy and I am trying to make it bigger and more fun so that more people have access to the wonder that is giving without expectation of reward and receiving without being judged.
It runs once a month on a Saturday afternoon and there are clothes, books, plants, biscuits, pasta, fruit, furniture, ornaments - and lots of other stuff. The kids all play together (it's at a park) and sometimes one family brings playdough, beads and colouring-in pictures for the children to play with.
I think it's so important to give people an opportunity to give because everyone, deep down, wants to share and help and give to others - but they don't think of it, or they think it's too hard, or weak or silly somehow. I want the people of my town to realise how awesome sharing with other people is. I also want the people in need to have a fun place to go where everything is free. This way there isn't the social stigma of soup kitchens or charity because it's just people sharing and no one needs to say, "Hey, I'm poor and I need help." They can turn up and go home with food and new clothes and having had a good time.
This was a big thing for me to do because I'm not really that comfortable around lots of people. I have to psych myself up for the week before every market so that I can cope with it all, and sometimes I still panic but I'm getting better.
I thought it was worth the effort because it's such a truly great concept, just like this site! If you have a Really Really Free Market near you please go check it out. If you don't have one then why not look it up online and start your own!