Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Spirit of Giving

Here's a modern day parable for the life of a little girl who changed the world with one small act. Enjoy this story I had in my morning email. ~ Kat

I was traveling in China a couple of years ago. We were touring some very rural areas - the particular location was the Ancient City about 40 miles outside of Wenzhou. I was the only brown skinned person in sight. People where quite fascinated with me, and would stare, and sometimes photograph me. I was getting a little annoyed, but I thought why not send my fellow traveller's love in my thoughts. As we walked through this village we came upon a family making rice wine. They appeared to have very little but had such radiant smiles.

As we got closer, I saw a small little figure dart into their little home and dart back out. Their little toddler, all of 3 years old, approached me. She was an adorable little thing. She wore quite tattered clothes and had dirt smudges on her face. As I bent down, she reached out and gave me a little ragged and tattered doll. Her grandmother explained that she only has a few toys but that she wanted to give this doll to me because as she saw me approaching she believed that I was an angel coming to bring her luck.

I was in tears that this little baby girl felt that I was a symbol of goodness because I appeared different than others she had seen. She hugged me without fear, trepidation or concern. I felt that I couldn't possibly walk away with her doll, but I also understood the law of giving, and that what you give with all your heart, returns to you blessed and multiplied.

That little girl and that sweet little hug will stay in my heart forever. Any time I feel uncertain about giving, especially when my resources seem stretched I remember her ability to give without a second thought. Who knows, she may grow up to be a Head of State, but to me she was an angel that walks this Earth as a constant reminder of love and compassion.


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!