Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rainy Day Kindness

If you are on the lookout, you can almost always find an opportunity for kindness. I filled my afternoon with small gestures today, they didn't take much time or effort, but I hope they made a small difference to the people who received them.

I was out and about because I had to do a few errands this afternoon. My first stop was the supermarket. I wanted to buy some croissants with chocolate on them for my daughter Rita. I also decided to get a few plain ones for my husband, my mum and me. Armed with the croissants, I went on to my second stop - a local charity bookshop. I wanted to see if they had any books on Unicorns, since Rita loves them (and, I have to admit, so do I).

While I was there, I struck up a conversation with the lady at the counter during which she commented on the smell of my croissants. She said that I was the second person to enter the shop that day with lovely smelling croissants. I jokingly creplied that there was only two things she could do - either avoid them (if she was on a diet) or go to the supermarket and get some. She replied that she would prefer the second option. "Even better", I said, "I will give you mine". With that, I placed them on the counter and walked straight out. I caught her surprised exclamation as I left "I thought you were joking". I hope she enjoyed them.

It had been raining cats and dogs so everyone looked quite soaked . I noticed a homeless lady selling the "Big Issue" (a magazine that supports homeless people) who looked particularly cold so I gave a packet of biscuits and all my change and asked her to keep the magazine.

I then went back to my car. I had to pay for two hours of parking instead of one because I didn't have the correct change, so I still had an hour left on my parking. I waited until I saw a young couple drive in and gave it to them before I left. They were a little surprised and quite pleased.

Then I went home with a smile on my face :-)


  1. Loved all these stories. I am going to email you something I was involved in over the weekend. Thought you might like to hear a new tale.

  2. What a blessing and such joy to read this today.

  3. That is so wonderful!! I love it :)

  4. AWESOME..we are alike in this way as I have done similar things such as this, but a lot of my experiences have happened while at the hospital...buying flowers and taking them up to a certain floor and dropping them off at the nurses station asking them to give them to the person who really needed a lift. There have been so many special unexpected things that have happened while I've been visiting in the hospital. Sometimes a make a trip there for no reason and something happens. I, too, always fill the parking meter with extra change.

    Your heart is so beautiful. That's why your friendship is so special to me. God shines through you and I absolutely love it and you.

    You brought a wide smile to my face as I read because I know that it feels much better to give than to receive.

    Again, love you,


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!