Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paying It Forward

Grace isn't a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It's a way to live. --Jackie Windspear

Inspiration of the Day:
The day Mary Cook's fiance fell to his death, it started to snow. "It snowed almost every day for the next four months, while I sat on the couch and watched it pile up," she reflects. When friends and community members insisted on helping her, Cook finds herself struck with feelings of guilt, pride, and helplessness. "One morning, I shuffled downstairs and was startled to see a snowplow clearing my driveway and the bent back of a woman shoveling my walk. I dropped to my knees and crawled through the living room and back upstairs so those good Samaritans would not see me. I was mortified. My first thought was: How will I ever repay them?" Through surrendering, to both her grief and the kindness of others, Cook shares how she learned to receive, recover, and give- with grace and humility. [ < target="_blank" href="">more ]

Be The Change:
Accept the next thing that comes your way with grace and humility.


  1. A beautiful thought :)

  2. Awesome Kat! thank you for sharing.Oh that I may be able to do this, i have such a hard time of just receiving without trying to think of ways to repay.

  3. I agree with Sue. Whole-heartedly.


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