Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lost and Found, A True Story

Honest hearts produce honest actions. --Brigham Young

Inspiration of the Day:
When hotel housekeeper Jeanne Mydil stumbled upon $6,000 left behind in a room she was cleaning, she immediately brought it to her supervisor. Little did she know, her honest act of kindness would explode exponentially! It turns out that the money had been fund raised by a missionary group on their way to assist in Haiti earthquake relief. After word spread of Mydil's good deed, the phones at Miami International Airport Hotel went haywire: everyone wanted to give her money. One anonymous individual insisted on donating $6,000! "It's a spiritual law of the universe," said the anonymous donor, "The way you receive is by sharing, and just like gravity, it affects everyone the same way." The humble and grateful housekeeper, who earns a little over minimum wage, plans to use the donations to pay off money she borrowe to bury her husband, who died suddenly on May 23 from diabetes complications. She will also send a portion to her sister, whose husband died in the Haiti earthquake on January 12. [ more ]

Submitted by: Mali

Be The Change:
Cultivate an honest heart today.


  1. What a story. How sad that her husband passed and that her brother in law was also gone. I love to hear about honest people in our world.
    That money could have made a big difference in her life yet she was honest and rewarded by God for her goodness.

  2. Oh, this touched my heart deeply!


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