Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Clown Nose Club

Clown Nose Club

Penn State Students Get Social to Spread Kindness
A student run group called the Clown Nose Club at Penn State organized this spring with the intent to spread happiness through unconventional, positive, social risk taking. Clowns are NOT involved while symbols of joy (e.g., a clown nose) ARE used to spread smiles! Student life can be stressful, especially around finals time. Students in the Clown Nose Club are dedicated to making life on campus more joyful by acting with kindness and giving a morale boost to their classmates. While CNC is a growing organization, they already have over 1300 friends on their facebook page sharing amazing stories about doing good deeds.

Here’s one we liked: Over spring break, my friend and I were on a little road trip and made a sign reading "Smile! You are alive!" We wore our clown noses, held the sign up to passing cars on the highway and recorded how many positive reactions vs. negative reactions we got. In 15 minutes we proudly spread 22 smiles receiving only one neutral reaction from an elderly fellow who I'm convinced couldn't read the sign. (One woman even started laughing and clapping inside her car). Cheers to spreading happiness while enjoying life :o) Visit their site to learn more:

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