Monday, March 1, 2010

Take About Volunteering on A New Level

Some of us get our best ideas in the shower, but they don't usually change the course of a year of our lives. Not so for Idaho resident Drew Johnson who "had an epiphany one morning in the shower." The epiphany? To travel around the country volunteering -- one state per week for 48 weeks. Since his journey began in South Dakota, he's done everything from building houses for Habitat for Humanity to working with hospice caretakers to supporting environmental initiatives. But on his trip, which is supported by gifts from strangers, Drew is also promoting a lifestyle that focuses on "STO" -- service to others. [ more ]

Today's Tip: If your a house guest in someone's home, make sure that you don't use all the hot water!


  1. Wow. That's inspirational. Not many of us could do that.

    Today's tip cracks me up. Is there a reason behind that one? LOL

  2. Hi, Kat~

    I love this story! am heading over now to read more!



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