Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love Endures

When one of my colleagues was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to take a leave of absence. He decided to take leave not only because he was undergoing treatment, but also because his wife was going through treatment for a brain tumor. Given that they were both in bad shape, he decided to take the leave so that they could enjoy each other's company while they still had the chance.

Before he went on his leave, he purposely came to his office after hours to gather his personal belongings - just in case. At the office, we all felt very bad but didn't know how to keep in touch with him and his family without bothering them.

So here is what I did: I bought cards with envelopes and distributed them to all the people in our group. Then I sent an email to everyone encouraging my colleagues to write something, anything, for our friend. I then collected all the closed envelopes and put them in a beautiful box with a beautiful inscription that read: "Love endures all" ... and mailed it to his house.

He was very touched by the gesture and sent us all an email telling us that they were doing relatively well and were having a great time reading each card over and over.

Today's Tip: Take some time and send a friend or loved one a handwritten card. You will never know the smile that comes from getting something wonderful in the mail that shows you care!


  1. What a gracious and loving act. God is well pleased with that.


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