Saturday, March 20, 2010

Local Parents

Here's a wonderful story that ties into today's tip! Enjoy!

"We were new to the area and I had just met an elderly couple at a gathering. The wife and I talked for a long time and she confessed how worried she was about her husband, who was waiting for a heart transplant. At the time I was working as a researcher at the same hospital, so I told her to take down my phone number and call me when he was there. She called a few weeks later to let me know he was admitted to the hospital and still waiting.

So, I made it a point to go check on him and visit with them every day while I was at work. I thought that if it was my Dad, I would do the same, and I just wanted to give them some company. Weeks turned into months and it just became part of my routine to see them and keep track of how things were going before, during and after the heart transplant.

Sometimes I'd bring food or a book for him to read, sometimes she would share a snack that she'd brought. Somehow ove time, it was like I became part of the family. Now, over ten years later, this couple is our son's "local" grandparents! Since our parents don't live close by, we feel truly blessed to have this wonderful couple as our "local" parents. Sometimes, family comes from the most unexpected places."

Today's Tip: Consider volunteering at a Senior Center or adopt a grandparent. These make the time rewarding on both sides!


  1. Hey Kat! You are such a blessing and an encouragement. What a ministry! I am so blessed to be a mailman and have a retirement home on my route. Most mailmen don't like delivering to the retirement home, but I love it. I try to take my lunch break and spend some time there every day. I'm glad I can be there for some of them to talk to... but I think I get blessed more than they do. Some days I am smothered with hugs and kisses. :o)

  2. Hi Dear Friend,

    I love this posting. I have such a heart for the elderly...I just want to love on them too and have had the opportunity to do so at different times in my life. They are so sweet and fragile and bless me so much.

    Love you,


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