Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keeping Your Marriage Full of Happiness

What makes marriages last? It's the small stuff, it turns out: telling him he looks great in his jeans, bringing her coffee in bed in the morning, sneaking off without the kids from time to time, taking turns doing the laundry. Terri Orbuch, a Michigan-based research professor and a family therapist, spent decades charting the love lives of 373 married couples in the U.S. -- the longest-running study of marriage conducted in North America. The results were surprisingly simple. "Really great marriages are not the result of long hours of hard work, but of everyday behaviours and attitudes, seemingly small gestures that show your spouse that he or she is noticed, appreciated, respected, loved and desired," Orbuch noted. [ more ]

Today's Tip: Do a small act of kindness for your significant other today.


  1. Hi, Kat~

    I totally agree with this post. The simple things really do make a difference and are so appreciated. Like last night, Skippy cooked dinner for ME while I got to sit by the fire and blog! AWWWW! We had an simple dinner of Nachos and Cheese, but it was the thought behind it, not what he fixed.

    I have an extra added boost of "niceness" for Skippy each day through participating in "365 Ways To Say I Love You" with Kat, from "Art's Chili Pepper!" It is a lot of fun.

    Have a glorious SONday, my friend!


  2. Hi Kat, I've been looking for a way to contact you. For some reason I cannot comment on your heart2heart blog page,though i read there all the time! When I click on "post comment" on that page, the little connect wheel in the upper lefthand corner of my screen just chugs round and round, but the comment box never avails itself to me. I used to have the same problem on a couple of other blogs, but I can now comment on them. Yours. I can't.

    I'm so sorry, I read it frequently though, and just wanted you to know that. Thank you for visiting me. I always enjoy your comments.

    The book review on heart2heart looks very interesting- the latest one, I'll be looking for that one when it releases.

    Have a great day,
    Heidi 2Thinks


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!