Sunday, March 21, 2010

Splitting Wood

Here's a great story to quite literally warm your heart and your home! I hope you enjoy! Remember if any of you would like to submit a story for me to share here, please email me and I'd be so glad to post it!

"Up here in Thunder Bay, Canada a lot of us heat our house with wood in the winter. I had just finished a month of hard hard work getting all of my wood cut, bucked, split and piled. The owner of the country store up the road had recently lost his leg, but just two days after getting back from the hospital he was cutting his lawn. I noticed a big pile of wood that needed to be sorted. Although he's a tough man, I arranged for a few of us to show up unexpected and unasked to tackle the wood for him and get it piled! The last thing I wanted to do was handle more wood...but then I think how lucky I am that I can."

Today's Tip: We all have neighbors, today look around you and find something you can do to help one of them out. Bring in their trash cans, help water their yard, pull some weeds, even run an errand to the store for them. Jesus did ask us to love our neighbor as ourselves!


  1. I love your stories, and it's a way of being that can only make life pleasing to everyone. But isn't it kind of upside down why it should seem like something extraordinary. It's how life should be! But I love your good works... it gives back the memory of what humans are ment to be like. Blessings!

  2. Helping others in need, doing that extra few steps for someone, doing a good deed, doesn't hurt anyone. It only makes our world a better place! :> )

  3. What a great story and and a great lesson too. Thank you for sharing.


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!