Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kindness in the Aisles

I got this in my email and had to share it. Just giving you ideas on the many ways we can make a difference in the lives of people every day. Enjoy!

Last week I was in the store getting my weekly groceries. As I shopped I noticed one couple in particular. Our paths seemed to cross in a few aisles. Once, my cart got in their way and the woman was surprisingly annoyed.

As I walked on through the store I couldn't help but wonder why she had been so upset with me.

That same couple ended up ahead of me in the check-out queue. I could tell they were adding up the price of their groceries very carefully. They kept checking to see if they had gone over their price limit, which was quite low for a couple with a small baby.

Once they had got to their limit and had to return some of the groceries I realized it probably wasn't me the woman was upset with. Buying groceries for her family on such a strict budget was probably stressing her out.

I ran out to the parking lot after them and told them they forgot something. I handed them a grocery gift card and, as tears welled up in the woman's eyes, I was reminded that things aren't always what they seem, and how lucky I am for the things I do have in life.

I will never forget that moment.

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