Saturday, October 23, 2010

Drive Thru Smiles

I just got this in my email and had to pass it along. What a nice way to let someone know they are making a difference! Enjoy ~ Kat

Last night my husband and I were on the way to a show. We were both hungry and wanted to grab a quick bite on our way there, so we swung through a Jack-N-the Box drive-thru and placed our order.

When we got up to the window the lady smiled at me (which is sometimes rare) and asked how I was doing while she was collected our money for the food. I replied, "Fine, and how are you?"

She went to get our order ready and I asked my husband to pass me my "Drive-thru Smile" bag. He handed it to me and watched in amazement as I gathered together a "You make a difference" paper, a Smile card, a smiley stamper and a smile button.

She came back to the window almost before I finished putting it all together. Without looking too closely she passed the bag and said, "Thank you. Have a good day."

I said, "Wait! This is for you." As I placed the little smile gifts in her hand a smile spread across her face. As she looked at the items it got a little bigger but when I thanked her for her smile there was no holding back. She gave the biggest smile and she was laughing. It was very heartwarming.

My husband was very impressed by it. It made him smile too. It just takes a little effort to connect in a human way to everyone we have dealings with, even with something as small as a drive-thru transaction.

Remember, We all make a difference!

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  1. It does not take anymore time or effort to be nice as it does to be ugly. A super idea. You made my day just reading this.


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