Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paying It Forward

Idea of the Week

"While attending my 16 year old's high school track meet, I noticed that one of his teammates was the only one wearing regular sneakers. My son told me that the kid couldn't afford 'spikes'. I'm a single mom and being able to afford sports equipment has been tough at times but my son and I are very fortunate to have a very supportive family that pulls together to help us out. It was obvious my son's teammate needed the help of some 'extended' family. So, my son and I devised a plan that would allow us to help the kid without embarrassing him. The next day my son approached his teammate and told him that his uncle had bought him a pair of spikes that were the wrong size for him but coincidentally were the boy's size and that the boy could have the spikes if he wanted them. Surprised, the boy asked my son what he wanted for them, and told him that he was passing up the opportunity to make a little cash b giving the shoes away for free. My son told him not to worry about it. I reminded my son that not eveyone is as fortunate as we are and that when the situation arises and you are able to help someone you should do it. We both felt really good about it and it was also a great lesson in kindness."


  1. Great story again, Kat. I absolutely love reading about the kindness of others. If we would all act like this more often boy the world would be a different place. Thanks for sharing. Love, Angel

  2. Now that's what I call a blessing in disguise..AWESOME!

  3. Beautiful! I love the "paying it forward" concept - it is so easy, takes little or no time and/or effort and can make such a HUGE difference in someone's life...

    My grandparents are in their 80's and get a tiny government pension, a while back, they were buying there monthly groceries when a couple (complete strangers) struck up a conversation with them, while my grandparents were distracted while talking to the lady, her husband was paying for their entire month's groceries :)
    There are angels that walk amongst us...

    God bless you Kat!


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