Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Giving the Gift of Sight

Good News of the Day:
When William Noriega developed cataracts in both eyes at age 40- and was unable to afford a simple operation to fix them- he never expected an ophthalmologist to restore not only his sight for free but also his faith in humanity. Dr. Bryant Lum gifted his services to Noriega after reading a letter in the newspaper from his father: "My 40-year-old son...can no longer drive or work. He has lost the ability to support his family and pay for insurance. A simple operation would restore his sight and make him a taxpayer again instead of a welfare recipient." As someone who conducts hundreds of cataract surgeries each year, Lum decided one more wouldn't be a big deal to him, but "could change this patient's life." [ more ]

Today's Tip: What special talent or ability do you possess? Use that talent and help someone out today!

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