Friday, April 30, 2010

Life Changes You!

Inspiration of the Day:
Richard Whittaker reflects on art and coffee with a stranger: "One morning I looked up from my cup of tea in a local coffee shop and was surprised to see a man at work on a little painting sitting at a table nearby. I walked over, took a peek, and was surprised again. It was really good. I complimented him on his work. He seemed to welcome the interruption, and I asked him a few questions. He was just passing through town and living from hand to mouth. Before long, having had nothing of the sort in mind, I found myself in a conversation that crossed into territory usually reserved for more intimate friends. All along I halfway expected to be hit up for a little cash, but nothing of the sort happened. The more we talked, the more I was touched by this total stranger and his story..." Click here for the whole story!

Today's Tip: Strike up a conversation with someone you don't know. You just may learn something amazing in the process!


  1. You learn so much from strangers.

  2. Love your tip of the day!.....Blessings


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!