Thursday, April 22, 2010

Challenge to Make a Difference

I found this in my email this morning and challenge all of you who stop by here and read this post, to do one small act of kindness each day. Make it your mission. Just one. Come back here and let us know about it. How did it change your day? How did it change you? Trust me, with one act a day, we can completely change the world. Are you game?

Honoring A Daughter By Paying-It-Forward
April 22, 2010 - Posted by MandysMom

Mandy was the kind of girl I was blessed to have as a daughter, the kind of friend everyone wanted to have, the kind of spirit that radiated joy and happiness when ever she entered a room.

Mandy left this world to go be with her Lord on November 15, 2008 in a tragic car accident.

Since then, I have tried to live each day of my life living up to her expectations. I started the Kindness Revolution on Mother's day 2009 and gave out over 100 flowers to random women throughout the weekend along with a card letting them know to pay the kindness forward.

I have given away jewelry, paid for coffee and tolls, paid for groceries, cleaned off car windows trying to spread the kindness and to do as she instructed.

I know that each time I do a kind act, I get back 100 times more than I gave.

The feeling of doing things just for the pure kindness of the act, never expecting or wanting a thank you or reward is amazing!

Seeing the look of disbelief on peoples faces when you hand them a gift and a card and simply walk away speaks volumes to how much we need more of this in our world!


  1. Love this!!! A couple years ago we decided to do this, and oh how much fun we had with it. The kids were loving it and learning a lot about serving and giving. Unfortunately, it is something we still do just not with purpose on a daily basis. It is something that has been on my heart a lot lately, thanks for the extra nudge. Love you

  2. We all need to find more time doing for others. There are so many needy folks around. I do try very hard to help others when needed. There is an elderly gentleman that I put out his trash each week.


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!