Thursday, April 15, 2010

Carrying a Load with a Big Smile

Here's another great inspirational story to share with all of you I got in my email this morning:

It is a terribly rainy wet winters day here in Tauranga. While I was walking from the library after getting together my University applications for next year at the end of my lunch break, a man was walking towards me with two HUGE boxes of pamphlets.

I thought, "What on earth is that man trying to do? Carry all that stuff?" Then all of a sudden he dropped it all!!!!!! It was a terrible mess with hundreds of brochures all over the path in front of me! "Oh no," I thought. The man sat down and started trying to pick all of the brochures up. I couldn’t believe how many people walked on by without even caring in the least.

I thought, "I’m not going to be one of those people who don’t care about this man. I’m going to help him." So, even though it was the end of my lunch break from work and I would be late if I stopped to help him, I didn’t mind in the least. If I explain what happened I’m sure my boss wouldn’t mind too much. So, I crouched down beside him and helped him pick them all up. Then I asked if he would like a hand in carrying a box to where he was headed. He said yes that would be much appreciated.

So, I carried one of the heavy boxes. I tell you, the box I had to carry was VERY HEAVY (as I’m quite a petite girl) but I didn’t want to let onto him and didn’t complain. I just helped him with a big smile across my face. We got there and he thanked me very much for helping him out. He also gave me one of these lovely brochures about all the walks in and around the Bay of Plenty.

What is a better way to spend my lunchtime then helping someone and I wasn't even that late back to work so nobody minded at all!

Helping others is so much fun!!!!!!!!!

"No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave" - Calvin Coolidge

Today's Tip: Send an unexpected greeting card to someone in need of a thoughtful word or encouraging words.


  1. That's a lovely story. It's quite unbelieveable how often people are able to walk right past someone in need of help. Someone went WAY out of their way to help me today - I'll tell you about it when I have more time, but it was truly warming.

    Hope a post card arrived for Kailee.

  2. Kat,
    This is a great story!! I think it's beautiful.

    Could I send your daughter some postcards?

  3. We definitely need to be aware of those around us and sensitive to their needs.

  4. What a great story!!! Thanks for sharing. Love, Angel


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