Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Act of Kindness Straight from His Heart

Here is another beautiful story that arrived in my email and it goes hand in hand with what this blog represents:

Two years ago an African man from Malawi, Elias, arrived at my sister’s home in the rough, bush country of South Africa with nothing but the shirt on his back. He was hoping to come to South Africa to find employment in order to support his family in Malawi. Little did he realize my sister at that time was struggling to keep her body and soul together. Nevertheless, Elias was given permission to stay on the property with the understanding that she was unable to help him financially and he would have to find “piece work” employment to support himself.

As unemployment is rife, Elias was unable to find work immediately, so my sister taught him how to grow organic vegetables, sew and bake. Elias is keen to learn whatever he can to take the knowledge back to Malawi with him once he goes home.

Elias finally found employment but my sister hit a bad patch. Being without transport, this was no joke when you are live 15–20 miles from the nearest shop through rough mountainous terrain. Despite approaching various neighbors in the area asking for a lift, no one was willing to assist her even though most were going into town at least once a day.

Early one wet, cold winter’s Saturday morning, Elias arrived at my sister’s back door, dressed and ready to walk to the shops for her. Touched as she was by this gesture, she had to tell Elias she had no money as she had not been able to get to the bank. His reply was, “I know ma'am, but I got pay so I will buy for you now.” Not taking no for an answer, Elias did a wonderful act of kindness straight from his heart.

I find it very difficult to understand how those of us that have much cannot help one another, yet someone with nothing and far from his own home, without being approached, so willingly gives his time and hard earned money.

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  1. I really like that story. It always amazing who are neighbors are, you know?


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