Monday, February 1, 2010

Give the Spirit of Kindness

In light of the very recent hard times that remain on our current horizon, the view hasn't changed very much for some. Let us all remember that we, ourselves, could very well find our selves in this same predicament one day. Here is another heart warming story to share with all of you.

"It has been a very hard couple of years, and I've been going through many ups and downs. [...] I am truly blessed however, to have loving people in my life to hold my hand through this life altering process.

That's where Elizabeth comes in. She lives underneath an archway near a Rite Aide. I felt so sad inside, and wondered what I could do, or say to help this poor lady. She told me that she had family, and I wondered how on earth they could allow their own flesh and blood to live on a cold sidewalk. I did what I could that day to buy her a meal, but somehow I couldn't stop thinking about her.

The next day, I was looking for her, and gave her some clothes, an umbrella, some food, all I could. Since my meeting her, it's become my mission to do what I can to make her day brighter. My point being, as hard as we think our lives are, there can be someone else's life, that is that much more tragic. Please, be selfless and care about the people we don't know -- we are all on this earth together!"

Today's Tip: Step outside of your comfort zone and let your charity and giving be shown to those that could really benefit from it. Don't judge, just give with your whole heart as if God himself were asking you to do it.


  1. Kat,
    You are so right. No matter what is going on in our lives...we MUST reach out of our comfort zone and help those less fortunate.

    I awoke several times during the night and then this morning thinking of you. I am praying for you. I do not know your specific needs right now, but GOD knows.


  2. Dear Sister,

    This is such a beautiful, beautiful post. Oh I can feel the love here...the love that you have, the love that each one of us needs to show others no matter who it may be, no matter where we are...we need to show our love, His love and help anyone in any way that we can whether it be in prayer, by provision, whatever way we are able. God knows our capabilities and through Him we can do anything.

    I love you and thank you for filling my heart here today. I am praying for your health and that the Lord leads you and every one He lines up to the answers that you need, to finally come to complete wholeness and well-being in your long season of suffering such physical pain.

    Big Hugs,

  3. "Don't judge, just give with your whole heart as if God himself were asking you to do it."

    I pray I am living up to this daily.


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