Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When Your Gift Comes Back To You

Here's another great heartwarming story I found in my email. Enjoy and see what you can do everyday to make someone's day. ~ Kat

My husband and I were at a discount grocery store waiting in line.

We were behind a mother and her boy who was probably about seven years old. She had a beautiful purple bouquet in her basket. The flowers brought a smile to my face. I remarked to the lady how lovely her flowers were and she said her son picked them out. He just beamed at the compliment so I asked if he would like to pick some out for me.

He was off like a shot down the aisle to pick out a bouquet for me. When he returned he was so obviously pleased at having done a two-fold good job: picking out nice flowers and helping an "old lady."

When I thanked him, he said a very loud and clear "You're welcome." So, by then Mama is beaming at her helpful polite son who feels great about doing a good deed. They're feeling great and I'm feeling great about getting to be a part of this exchange.

But it didn't end there. You see, among the whole line of people watching as they waited to check out was a woman I had overheard saying that she live alone. As we were leaving the store a little voice inside said, "Give the flowers to that woman." In the parking lot I went up to her and explained that the little voice had said I was to give her the flowers.

In our brief exchange she said that she really couldn't take the flowers but that the gesture was truly moving. She thanked me for the kind offer.

So, this bouquet touched the hearts of a mother and son, me and my husband, the line of shoppers and, our special stranger in the parking lot. And my bonus? I got to go home with the flowers!

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