Monday, November 8, 2010

Strong Urge To Say Thank You

I went through some old emails to find the right kind of inspiration this morning and happened across this one. I hope you enjoy it. I am not the author of this story but it bears things that can happen to any of us. Enjoy ~ Kat

All the money I had on me yesterday was some loose change, so I went without lunch (I had a freezer full of food back home but I was out and about) and well, hey, I could stand to miss a meal or ten! Luckily, it was the end of a little financial lean period. That evening a sizable payment for some work I had done arrived in my bank account. Great! Which bills to pay first?

But before dealing with any of that I had the strong urge to say thank you for my blessings. (Oh, it wasn't as clean-cut as that. I had more than a little mental turmoil about giving away money I could be reducing our overdraft with.) I decided to give a percentage of my payment to a young woman I know who works with abandoned children in Romania - so I electronically zapped the money over.

This morning I had a message from her. She said they had been having a meeting last night around the same time as I sent the money. They had been asked to try and find long term sponsorship for an abandoned family, a woman and six kids. They thought they could do that, but it would take a couple of months. How could they keep that family fed until then?

How much money did they need for that? Exactly the amount I was sending at that very moment!


But this story isn't about me giving money, because as poor as I thought I was yesterday I am so rich in blessing it sometimes makes me cry. It's about how God works things out. We need to put love out there, whether it be money, hugs, prayers, whatever. Then He'll take it and do wonderful things with it.

Give it a try. Ignore those little voices telling you why you shouldn't. Put the love you have out into the world in whatever way works for you. Then stand back and prepare to be amazed at how often it's exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.


A few hours after I posted this story to HelpOthers, I got an e mail from an editor I do a lot of work for. She apologized for their bad book-keeping and said they hadn't paid me for some work I sent them a year ago. I hadn't noticed but the payment is now on the way. How much? Three times what I sent to Romania.!

I'm lost for words ... so, I'll just say, "Thank you!"

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