Thursday, July 22, 2010

Keeping Life Simple

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. -- Confucius

Good News of the Day:
Jay Shafer lives in an 8-by-12 foot house. He built it from scratch. With no prior carpentry knowledge or experience. "I'm sure there are people out there who think I'm crazy for living so small, but living in this little house has allowed me to totally reinvent my life," he says. With a desire to "escape the rat race," the former grocery-store clerk's intentions were simple: focus on the things he really wanted to do, and not on working for money. Now, he runs a company that builds small homes for others. "I never thought I'd be an entrepreneur in anything, but it's my passion to design small houses," he smiles. "It's been really liberating."

Be The Change:
Brainstorm 5 ways to simplify your lifestyle.


  1. I read this on yahoo and was so impressed with him! After reading it I felt compelled to do a little home cleansing. Getting rid of unneeded items. (=

  2. OMG, these tiny homes are fabulous! This makes down scaling seem SO attractive. What a clever man.

    The words by Confucius are so true. We are masters of complicating life.

  3. Beautiful setting. Love the simplicity message!

  4. Hi, Kat~

    I love the picture that you have along with this post. I so want to be there right now!

    I have watched Jay's videos over and over again and I just marvel at the simplicity of his home. I LOVE IT! There are mornings when I wake up and's the day...I'm going to open the doors and shovel everything out! lol

    SIMPLICITY......what a wonderful word!



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