Friday, July 9, 2010

Giving The Gift of Flowers

Random Acts of Flowers The Random Acts of Flowers Foundation just delivered their 3,000th flower bouquet to patients in hospitals and nursing homes in the East Tennessee area. Congratulations! Founder Larsen Jay says: “So many simple acts of kindness - just to make this world a little better place. My goal is to have a chapter of Random Acts of Flowers in every major city in America.” One of the recipients of Larsen’s flowers recently contacted our office by mistake to thank us for the kind act. She wanted to request flowers for someone else because they had meant so much to her while she was sick. We were impressed by her enthusiasm. You can contact Larsen if you have a dream of having your own Random Acts of Flowers. or email

Today's Tip: Give the gift of an unexpected floral delivery to someone who needs to have a smile added to their day.

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