Monday, July 26, 2010

Finding Goodness

The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose. -- Hada Bejar

Good News of the Day:
Many years ago, when I was working weekends to pay for extras my parents couldn't afford (school ring, class trip, etc.), I lost my wallet. A man called and asked me if I had lost it. I checked my purse and, to my horror, I had. He asked me to tell him how much money was in it. I told him. He then told me where to pick-up my wallet. As I pulled into his driveway, I noticed his handicapped van and the ramp going up to the house. There is no way this man easily got out of his van to pick my wallet off the street. He had to pull over, get in his wheelchair and lower the lift to pick it up. I was amazed and humbled. I asked him if there was anything I could do to repay his kindness. He said "Just pass it on."

Be The Change:
Pass on an act of kindness you have received.

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