Friday, July 30, 2010

Circle of Kindness

Here's another great way to show how kindness can come full circle in this wonderful story. Enjoy ~ Kat

I was shopping at my local I normally have for years. One particular day I had done about 2 weeks worth of shopping and was headed toward the register to pay for my groceries. After the cashier had scanned my items and I had bagged them up, she stated that the total was $150.

I reached into my back right pocket to pay and noticed that there was no money in there. I started to get nervous. I knew my pocket book was in the car and I was sure I had put the money in my back right pocket. I look at cashier with wet eyes and a confused look not knowing what to do. There were people behind me on the line. She told me to speak with the courtesy counter. I laughed and said "really, it's cash, no one would hand that in."

I said I would be right back and ran to my truck to get out more money to pay my bill, money that was to be used to pay another bill. I ran back inside and handed money to the cashier. She again prompted me to as the courtesy desk, "you never know, she said". I laugh and said "okay".

I decided that there was no harm in checking so I walked up to a women behind the counter and said "I have to ask, did anyone turn in cash by any chance?". She asked how much. My face then lit up. I said 200 in the form of one hundred dollar bills. She said actually yes someone did! I was so surprised! "Who?" I asked, "I want to thank them." She points to a young girl about 10 years old and says she did..

I walked over to the mom and hugged her. She said it wasn't was my daughter. I said "I know, I wanted thank you both, although she found's because of you that I got this back." I was so happy, I was almost in tears.

The next day at work, a person in another department offered me tickets to the circus. He handed me 5 tickets. Almost instantly that young girls face popped in my head. After work I went back to the supermarket and stopped at the courtesy counter and asked if they had any idea who that women was? She smiled and said "yes, actually I do. She is a friend of mine". Oh good, I was so happy. I asked her to do me a favor and pass along these 5 tickets to her and say thank you from me.

She told me that the family of the little girl who found my money don't have very much so they would really appreciate this. She also said that they have 3 children, so five was the prefect number of tickets.... "Wow," I thought.

At first, I had I felt a little weird bringing those tickets to the store but I am SO glad I did. Lesson: Never think twice about doing something nice for someone.

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