Tuesday, October 27, 2009

True Story of Blogger's ARK

I wanted to share this story from one of my followers whom I absolutely love and adore, LaVoice from Thoughts from Meme's Corner. I am always looking for things you can share with me or events that have either happened to you or from you to inspire and show the world, there is still good in the world today. Here is the story I got yesterday from LV, please enjoy!

Hello Kat,

After reading your post today, as I said on my comment, I think you will enjoy this story. It is very true.

Back in 2006 ,as you will see, my sister and I were having lunch at a nice tea room. Most every Saturday, that is our quality time together. We always bless our food before eating. After we were finished eating, I asked the waitress for our check and she informed us it had been paid for. In turn, she handed me the attached note from a complete stranger. The person that wrote this did not wish us to know who it was. However, later we did learn it was a young lady that we did not know or she know us. I was so impressed and touched, I have kept this letter in my bible. I hope the attachment turns out where you can read it.

Best wishes,

Today's Tip: Wave at the kids in the cars you pass! It completely makes their day!


  1. Kat, Thank You for sharing. What a beautiful story. God Bless... Audrey

  2. We never know what an impact a simple jesture that should be norm for us will make in someone else's life.

    Our kids, when they were all home, took turns praying. That included whether we were home or out to eat. Once, we were in a restaurant (keep in mind with five kids and usually friends we fill a large table) after our youngest son prayed a gentleman came up and praised him and told him how proud he was of him. Wil had made an impact on the gentleman, yet the gentleman made a greater one on Wil. We praise our kids for doing the right thing, but when a stranger praises them it means so much more.

    Blessings, andrea

  3. You really did this old heart good today. I am pleased you thought this worthy of sharing with others. It really touched me and turst it will others as well. Thank you very much.

  4. WHat a great post....my aunt and mother are very special, thanks for sharing this story. Suzanne


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