Monday, October 26, 2009

Picking Up the Tab

I happened across this in my email this morning and thought it fit right into our random acts of kindness. I wanted to share it with all of you.

"I was sitting in Billy's Downtown Diner one morning. While eating my breakfast, I had been fretting over the rising cost of tuition and housing at college. I kept dwelling on how it was affecting my mood, and how it was making me unhappy. Then, it came to me: perhaps my plight should be the means for someone else's happiness. I noticed a mother and daughter sitting across the way from me. I went up to the waitress and asked for their check as well as my own. I headed for the counter, and paid for their meal. I didn't bother to stick around for any sort of reaction. I was so excited and had such a great feeling that my legs were shaking. I would just like to think they were able to enjoy the surprise." --KindFool

Today's Tip: Do something nice for someone. Give a flower to a neighbor, make your significant other a cup of coffee or even pay for someone's else's tab! Today with so many hurting, you will make a difference.

NOTE ~ ARK UPDATE: We donated my oldest daughters dresser to the first person to come by and pick it up in front of our house. We could have sold it at our yard sale but since we have been talking so much about ARK lately in our house, we thought we would bless someone instead. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, she just wasn't using it any longer. Within 30 minutes our neighbors across the street came over with a dolly and took it away. They couldn't believe we were just giving it away. What a nice way to bless the neighbors!


  1. I loved hearing this story. I read most of your A.R.K. post daily, but not leaving a comment regularly like I should. I will do better. I have a story similiar to this when my sister and I were eating out sometime ago. You would enjoy it too.

  2. Oh Kat!! This is my favorite thing to do in a restaraunt!!! We don't stick around either but love blessing someone the Lord shows us to pick up their "tab"

    Teaching our kids is part of the blessing as well don't ya think?

    Love you!!!


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!