Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kindness from the Ice Cream Man

Here's another great way to show simple kindness and one I never considered until I read this in my email. Now I know I'll keep some spare change just in case the next time the ice cream man comes calling!

The other day, I decided to come home early because it was such a beautiful day. The kids were outside playing in my apartment complex and the ice cream truck was whistling its tune. As I drove slowly to avoid an accident, I noticed a little boy looking at the ice cream truck. He didn’t get anything and he walked away with a disappointed look on his face. I asked the ice cream guy what happened and he said the little boy had no money. I had no cash on me so I drove to my building and went upstairs to look for some cash. When I found it the ice cream guy was still waiting but the little boy was not.

I went in the direction I thought he might have gone and I saw a woman getting out of her vehicle. I asked her if she had a little boy and she said yes. She then told me that she and her son had gone to the grocery store the day before and had wanted ice cream but she did not have enough money to buy it.

She quickly went into the house to get her son, and when she returned I realized that he was not the same little boy I had seen. This boy was a bit older and his sister came out with him. I took them both to the truck and let them pick out what they wanted.

I never told the mom it was not the same boy I was talking about. I introduced myself to the mother properly and offered my baby-sitting services free of charge if she ever needed them. I couldn’t find the original boy anywhere but I hope he gets some ice cream soon.

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