Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Being There Helps More Than Words

Here's a great email I received this morning about how sometimes just being there helps more than words ever could. Let us not be too busy today to notice someone in need. May God grant us the grace today to work His blessings through us. ~ Love and Hugs ~ Kat

I used to work in a hospital as a Pharmacy Technician. As part of our duties we would make rounds of all the nursing stations to pick up orders deliver medication, etc.
On one of my rounds I met an elderly lady. She was sitting outside a room crying. People walked past and saw her crying but nobody offered to help. I stopped and asked if she was okay. She said her husband was in the room - dying.
I asked if I could call anyone or do anything for her but she said she didn't have any family near-by and they never had any kids. So, I just sat there a while, holding her hand and listening to her.
This went on for weeks, me listening and hugging, and her waiting and crying.
Well one day on my rounds I saw her sitting there, not crying. So, I went to sit with her and I asked if everything was okay. She told me that her husband had died the night before. Surprised, I asked her why she was stll here. That's when she said, "I came back to say thank you. Thank you for sitting with me, listening to me and just being there, helping me through this."
I hugged her and wished her well.
I walked away with tears in my eyes and a heart bursting with joy because I had been able to help someone through her darkest days.


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!