Thursday, August 25, 2011

Giving Back!

Here's a great way to share in another unexpected way. I am hoping that these ideas will help you do something today to share God's love in unique ways and teach others, what it's like to know and love God and be a Christian! This is a story I received in my email of how one woman found a way to reach out in love and kindness!

This morning, as I got dressed for work, I chose one of my favorite necklaces. I do not wear it often because I want to hold onto it for a long time.

When I got to work, I was walking though a doorway and a woman stopped me and said, “I love your necklace.” I stopped walking to talk to her for a few minutes as she admired it and told me how great it looked on me. I was feeling a bit under the weather and did not feel as though I looked my best. But what she said to me made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

I recalled the many mornings that she has spoken to me with a smile and then remembered something that my mom taught me. “You only give to others things that you would want to have.” As this thought ran through my mind, I unfastened the necklace from around my neck and told her she could have it. She would not take it because I had expressed to her how important it was to me. So I took her by the arm and put the necklace in the palm of her hand.

As I walked off I told her that a blessing given is a blessing received.


  1. That saying by her mom is so very true. I feel like many people have forgotten this. I have a friend who helps feed and clothe children in South Africa and she said that she gets HORRIBLE things...things with stains and ripped. We should donate something that we'd willingly wear.


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!