Friday, May 20, 2011

Kindness With An Open Heart

Until your eyes are fixed on the Lord, you will not be able to endure those days that go from bad to worse.

Here's a wonderful story that I got in my email that inspires us all to fill a need if we are able! Enjoy and have a blessed weekend! ~ Kat

Cons happen a lot in our city and it can be hard to know who is really in need and who is trying to exploit other people's kindness.
Recently, I was finishing my work at home when the dog barked letting me know someone was at the gate. I rushed to see who it was and there I saw poor, fragile woman in her late fifties.
I said to her, "May I ask what you want?"
She replied, "Hello, ma'am, my name is Parvathy. My husband and I live in the slum nearby. We earn our living working at construction sites. A few days ago my husband tripped on the stairs while carrying a heavy load. He is badly hurt and hasn't been able to work for the past five days, and so we have no food. Now he is at home in bed with a high temperature. Please help me! I need to take my husband to a doctor!"
"Oh!" I said. "Please wait here."
I felt really bad about her situation but ... Was she telling me the truth or trying to con me for money?
Then I decided to help her. But first I said a simple prayer. "Dear Lord. You know how I earn my pennies, so please see to it that my hard earned money helps the real need. Amen."
I went out with a fifty rupee note and handed it to her. The moment she got the money she broke down in tears. She took my hand and said, "May God bless you abundantly, my dear! Thank you so much!"
I was so moved, and turned back to my work smiling.


  1. She did a great service. Yet, still does not know if she was telling the truth. It is hard to trust these days.

  2. Dear Kat, what a long time it's been.
    Thanks for sharing this story, I love it. Living on a small Greek island my husband and I are getting used to people being something completely opposite of cynical - it's quite remarkable and acutally very healing. They go(way) out of their way to help you and always always give extra. If you go to a shop where they don't have what you need they will always step out of the shop to point you to a shop where you can get it instead. It restores your faith in humanity - it sincerely does. I'm sure it sends a glow back to God and a message that there's still good people to invest in!

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