Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Hope You Dance!

Here's how one person responded with an act of kindness I just had to share. I hope you enjoy it ~ Love, Kat.

I wrote an earlier story about a friend who was put on hospice care. I would visit her on Tuesday nights and we would talk and have some "girl time". I would do her hair on those visits. I couldn't heal her but for a night she felt beautiful! We would talk and laugh. And after her hair was done on one of my last visits I put lipstick on her lips and some color on her cheeks. When I held up the mirror for her to see how she looked she smiled at me and told me she was going to go dancing. I told her to be home before her family got up in the morning!

How nice to be at the end of your life and have a sweet dream of getting out of your wheel chair to dance! When I went for my visit this week the dancing was over. She was weak and in bed. I stood by her and did her hair as I promised I would. Our "girl time"was different. It was Tuesday, she knew I was there. I struggled to keep myself together . I knew deep inside that this was going to be the last time I could make her feel beautiful.

I didn't hold up a mirror for her to smile at her self because when I finished her family was standing there. Their smile said it all,they knew it was the end. They were happy I made their Mom look like "Mom" again. I cried as I left because I knew that I would not see her on this earth again. She passed away today and as sad as I am I know she no longer is dreaming about dancing, she is dancing ...with all the stars in the sky


  1. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Beautiful tribute to your friend and sorry for your loss here on Earth - what a beautiful day when you meet her again with Jesus...
    Getting the word out.. still and again for Haley - today she is in the hospital receiving yet again another blood transfusion - She needs a bone marrow transplant - Please go to her Facebook page and like it - if you can donate - Please say "I want to donate" and I will contact you with all you need. thank you - Kelly
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