Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting The New Year Off With Kindness

I got this in my email and found it's a great story to start the year off on a great note. Let's hope this year is filled with opportunities to show a little love and kindness. Enjoy ~ Kat

My husband, my four-month old daughter and I set out on a five day driving journey from California to Washington. We had to stop frequently because our little one needed to stretch from the car seat.

One of our stops, once we crossed the Oregon border, was at a Black Bear Diner. Walking towards the front door we noticed a gentleman standing to one side. He was seriously disheveled, without shoes and wearing tattered clothing. We passed right by him and opened the restaurant door.

Then something told me to go back.

Holding my four-month old daughter I turned around and said to the gentleman, "Sir. Are you hungry?" He said, "Yes." I then asked, "May we buy you a bite to eat?" He responded with, "Sure, I can order something to go."

My husband opened the door and the gentleman went straight to the counter. I told him to order whatever he wanted. The manager of the restaurant came over quite quickly and looked horrified. I spoke before he had an opportunity to. "This gentleman will have lunch on us today," I said. "Please add his order to our tab." The manager crinkled his brow and said, "Ohhhhhhkay."

We turned to be escorted to our table and the gentleman said, loudly and quickly, "Thank You!"

We were seated and upon completing our meal we were presented with our tab. I asked my husband what the gentleman had ordered.

One fresh squeezed orange juice, one coffee, one breakfast combination with a side of hash browns.

When we left the restaurant I looked for the gentlemen but didn't see him but that very small gesture just made my day. I hope in some small way we were able to add some joy to his life, even if only for a few minutes.

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  1. It's such a beautiful story Kat. I wish the year may be filled with acts like these. It's a funny thing how it makes us feel so warm inside reading and hearing of stories like this and yet it appears to be quite rare to see such acts of kindness. I for sure don't see them around. But they really help change a certain psychology in the world.


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