Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dairy Queen Kindness

Here's another really great way to make someone's day! Enjoy ~ Kat

As I was standing in line for my secret weekend indulgence, a medium dairy queen cone. I watched the two teens behind the counter working frantically to get through the long line of hungry customers.

Usually there are one or two customers but today, to my surprise, there were more than ten. So many, in fact, that I wondered if it was worth the wait.

There was a tip jar in the middle of the counter and though most orders were for three or more concoctions no one was leaving a tip.

The order before mine was a big one! Eight "Blizzards," all sizes, flavors, etc, to go. The gal worked efficiently, cheerfully filling the orders and delivering them with a smile and a "Have a nice day!"

Then came my tiny order. "I would like a medium cone."

The gal smiled and said, "Is that all?"

"Yep", was my reply.

I had handed her a twenty dollar note and once the order was filled and I had the cone (which, by the way, looking larger than the medium I ordered) in my hand I dropped the dollars bills and change into the tip jar. I told her and her co-worker, "You guys are working so hard and are still so cheerful. Thank you! And you too have a great day too!"

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  1. I used to work at an ice cream store and I can tell you, those tips always meant more then people understood. Not when people didn't give them, but when people always brought a smile to our faces!


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