Monday, January 3, 2011

It's All In Our Reaction

What a great story to share with all of you today. I found this in my email archive and wanted to share the simply meaning behind the story and it's all in how we react to things. This is a classic and I hope you enjoy! ~ Kat

"It was a very hot day in late August when I decided to take my 8 year old grand-daughter out to lunch. I wanted her to feel like a princess, which she always loved ;) so we went to a beautiful, fancy restaurant. We were sat out on the lovely deck with many other diners around us. As she reached out to point at the lovely flowers on the table, she accidentally tipped my ice water glass over and the water fell into my lap. She gasped and her eyes grew large. The people at the next table peered to see my reaction. I decided to just smile, I said simply, "Oh, that is so refreshing". We can make a split second decision to have a different-than-expected reaction to happenings and teach our children with love. I believe, that even in their smallness, these things make the world a better place."

Let's take the time before we react to see just how this might affect others. It may make all the difference in the world.

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