Thursday, December 9, 2010

God Will Always Find A Way!

Here's a great way to show just how much faith this person had in God. We could all use that much faith everyday! Enjoy ~ Kat

Opportunity knocked on my door last January when I was given a chance to work in an other country. It's really such a blessing! At first, it was really scary living life on my own. But, I soon met lots of new people. Some were good and some were bad. It was a true challenge!

I met a group of friends, six boys and one girl. They were really nice. I loved their company and they were so funny! We hung out most weekends. We cooked, watched movies, chatted and shared jokes! It was amazing - until something unexpected happened!

One of our group was diagnosed with kidney stones which had to be removed surgically as soon as possible. But it was not as simple as that! Our friend could not afford the surgery. He tried to get help from our other friends but they refused to help. My heart cried for him! Our friends abandoned him just when he needed them most.

I didn't know how to help him because I didn't have any money either. But, I never lost hope. Instead I tried to think of other options. I told him not to worry because everything will be all right. "Just leave it to God," I said. He will find a way!

Before I left the hospital I talked to the surgeon. I asked him to do the surgery and said I would pay the expenses the next day. (As if I had that kind of money!) Well, I must have been convincing because the surgeon agreed to do it! Now, how was I going to get that much money? Aaarrggh!

All I knew was that I needed to help my friend! I tried to borrow money from other friends but I failed. I tried selling my things but no one wanted them. Then I had the idea to talk to my boss. I asked him if I could have my next two months salary in advance - without even thinking on how I would survive for two months with no money.

He was surprised and asked me why. I told him that I had a friend who was really in need. Luckily, I convinced him too. He gave my two months salary without any hesitation! As soon as I had the money I ran to the hospital and paid all the bills.

My friend didn't know how to thank me. I just said, "Come on! Give me a hug! Every problem has its own solution. You just have to believe. God will never leave you!"

Friendship may not only found in happy moments. Sometimes you can find it on the toughest time in your life!

Oh, and if you are wondering how I survived for the next two months, well, I simply tell you guys that if anyone is in need there will always be someone who will help. God will find a way!


  1. Beautiful story Kat. It's like a sentiment taken straight out of one of my favorite little books "The game of life and how to play it" (you can read a snippet on Amazon). Love that kind of pure faith!


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