Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walking for Kindness

I got this in my email this morning and thought what a wonderful way to learn about people and see the kindness of strangers.

His name is Garth Poorman, and he's a man on a mission. Poorman, who left his home in Hebron in upstate New York on August 29, is walking all the way to New Orleans. Along the way, he is looking for a few kind and generous hearts. "I wanted to see if I could walk half-way across America, depending solely on the kindness of friends and strangers to share dinner with me and host me in their homes for one night as I make my way south, 10 to 20 miles at a time," said Poorman. The son of a Presbyterian minister, Poorman, a 36-year-old former teacher and business manager, has already covered more than 1,000 miles on his four-month trek. [ more ]

Today's Tip: If you see someone on the street or in front of a store today needing a handout, give them a few dollars, buy them a meal or a cup of coffee and a donut. Share the kindness and love of Jesus with someone who truly needs it. Don't judge what they will do with the money, just give in faith and let God do the rest!


  1. I love what Mr.Poorman is doing and if I were still living in New Orleans my home would be his for however long he needed it.

  2. Beautifully put! So often people are hesitant to give to people on the street for fear they're just going to buy booze or drugs with it. I agree with you -- just give it to them and let God do the rest!!!!!


  3. Howdy
    OMG what a beautiful post .
    Go Mr. Poorman .
    There is still good in this world .
    I am so glad you shared this with us.
    I do pray for the gift of kind hearts all along the way.
    I also ask for God moments that shine bright before Mr.Poorman that he too may learn as he goes along the path God has called him to take at this time .
    After all it is not our money ,time ,or talent it is God's so why not trust God with it .
    Blessings to you sweet lady.
    Big Hugs
    Happy Trails


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!