Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Pleasure!

This came in an email last month and wanted to take the opportunity to share it with you all today!

"I work in London and take the underground trains to commute every morning. If I get a seat, I first look around to ensure that nobody needs the seat more than I do. Recently I called across to a pregnant lady quite a few metres away to offer my seat to her. The many people who were seated between us studiously kept their heads in their newspapers so they were not called upon to offer their seats instead. The same thing happened the next day when I gave my seat to an elderly person. They were both very grateful and as they thanked me I said, "My pleasure". Then it struck me that it was 'my pleasure'! I had no need to be grumpy with all the other people who did not offer their seats as this made me the receiver of this small bit of pleasure in my journey instead of them!"

Today's Tip: Offer up a seat to someone who desperately needs one, don't wait to be asked and answer with "My Pleasure!


  1. AMEN...the blessing belongs to us when we give of ourselves to help someone else.

  2. My husband stood up for a (very) pregnant woman once and she was sincerely surprised. Her husband kept thanking him and there were two police officers on the train and they were like, 'I'm glad there are still decent people in New York!' The reaction really surprised us.

  3. It's sad isn't it when people seem to pretend that they don't see anyone needing help? And even sadder, when they are capable and have the means to help out and they just don't.

    "My pleasure" reminds me of those people working at Chick-Fil-A. They always say that back to a customer. Even if trained, still, I don't hear anyone working from Starbucks, Target, etc...etc...saying "my pleasure" to customers. Rather, they look upset when asked or when you leave a tip, they don't say "thank you" as if I owe them something in the first place for their service.

    God bless people who likes to bless others.

  4. What a great response! It not only is our pleasure, but a pleasurable reward to be of service to others.


Looking forward to seeing how you made a difference today!