Saturday, December 24, 2011

Paying It Forward

Here's another kindness we may want to consider as we are out and visiting our sick family or friends during Christmas. Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas! ~ Love and Hugs, Kat

My mom was recently hospitalized at a local inner city hospital that requires visitors to pay for parking. I cannot fault the organization for accepting revenue for parking when it is difficult to find adequate spaces to park at many hospitals.

As I was leaving I was reflecting on how very fortunate I am that she is improving daily and that I have a job and can afford to pay for parking.

Having a family member or someone you care about to be in a hospital is difficult enough, many folks are grieving or afraid so to extend a small favor like a parking fee, maybe would help just a bit.

So as I left, I gave the parking lot attendant double the parking fee each time I visited and asked her to use the extra money to pay for the next person in line's parking. I have no idea if the person behind me felt any better about the "free parking" but I did!


  1. Howdy :)
    While I live in a different state ,city etc...
    I can assure you that someone somewhere does appreciate your generous spirit.
    Praying for your Mom to be a 100 percent better soon !
    It has been touch and go many times the past few years for me to not only stay with my parents but to pay for parking .Like you I do not fault the hospital for charging ,it is just that sometimes not everyone has the extra money needed.
    Big hugs to you and yours.
    I will more than likely continue to spend a great deal of time away from the computer in 2012 ,but do look forward to visiting your blog as often as I can !
    God bless you and all yours .
    Hugs from Texas
    Until next time
    Happy Trails in 2012

  2. nice post...thanks for sharing...blessings soraya


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