Monday, November 28, 2011

How Far Would You Go?

I got this in my email this morning as one of those you read and say, "Ahhh!" So I just knew I had to share this with you. Often times we wonder just how we can extend ourselves especially in these hard, economic times and this is a perfect way to help for FREE! I hope you enjoy it~ Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Many years ago I lived in a western country. My very first job saw me employed in the city and I was thrilled to commute to the office by public transport! I had never been employed before and my chances of traveling on a bus by myself had always been very remote.

So, I was very happy with my new lifestyle!

I left home each morning in time to catch the 8.05 bus from the main road. One Autumn morning I could see the bus approaching. I could also see an elderly lady walking with an adorable dog beside her. There were some youngsters behind her.

The bus arrived and we got on. Unlike in eastern countries only eight passengers were permitted to travel standing. I was inside the bus when the conducter called, "Only eight standing passengers! Could the last one to get on please get off?" I saw those youngsters inside, right in front of me, and it occured that they had skipped the queue!

I thought it was me who now had to get off. I turned and saw the elderly lady with her dog about to get off instead. I moved quickly to get in front of her. I encouraged her to stay and got off knowing very well I would be late that morning, but it didn't bother me.

I hadn't noticed at the bus stop. It was only as I moved past her to get off the bus that I realised - she was blind! Her adorable companion was her guide dog!

Well, I eventually got to the office. After the day's work I went to the bus stand in front of my office to make the return journey. What a pleasant surprise! The lady and her dog were there! I was really pleased because I would get a better chance to speak with her. I opened the conversation and she recognized my Asian accent! She asked if I was the same person who helped her that morning. Amazing! From there onwards it was one long happy conversation.

The bus arrived, we got on, and were able to choose any seat as the bus was empty. Knowing that it would make things easy for her I suggested we sat on the long side way seats with her guide dog between us.

Our journey started, and so did her story.

She told me that her husband was a World War Two veteran. He had lost his left arm and part of his left leg in the war. She told me that 10% of the government jobs were reserved for disabled people (at that time) and preference was always to the spouses of war veterans. Because of this they were managing with her salary and his pension.

About half way through the journey the conductor called out again. "NO STANDING ... GET OFF! GET OFF!" Now what?

I looked around only to see the very same youngsters being unruly again! Now it was their turn to be put off the bus!

We arrived at our destination, her special companion on one side and her new-found companion on the other. I helped her cross the road to where an elderly, broad shouldered gentleman with an artificial leg was waiting for her.

It really touched my heart to see how the three of them, helping each other, walked on into the distance. But before we parted I offered to be there every morning and evening to help her get on the bus. Her husband was very pleased with this as it was a real effort for him to walk that far.
Eventually I returned to my home country. Before that I always wondered how they would manage as she had gotten used to me being there? To my delight her retirement arrived just before my departure.

These beautiful memories are still fresh in my mind. When I walk back down memory lane encounters like this one fill my heart with peace and contentment!

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