Monday, July 4, 2011

Ways To Help Out on the 4th of July

Harvest of kindness -- of kindredness -- is winnowed down to a precious few grains. For at the center of all spiritual traditions is the beacon of a truly radical proposal: Open your heart to everybody. Everybody.--Marc Barasach

Idea of the Week

Collection of ideas from Smile Groups this week ... "This lady was walking through my neighborhood on such an extremely hot day, realizing there are no bus stops within 5 miles, I made a u-turn and gave her a ride to her destination." "A man held the door for me at a local coffee shop, he was so perky,I bought him a cup of tea." "Forwarded a letter that had gone astray and paid the extra postage!" "Emptied the house -- books, DVDs, etc. Advertised to come and take what you want and leave a donation in the bucket for a local charity." "I heard of a competition that I knew I would definitely get a prize so I entered and put down a friends name and address so that they will get the prize. And it's chocolate!" "Encouraged a guy to come out of his love failure. :)" "I picked lemons from my moms lemon tree and gave them away .. someone going to have delicious fresh lemonade for fathers day!" "Took senior citizen grocery shopping; she was not feeling well enough to drive herself." "Last night I helped some foreigners exchange some money into my country's currency and then my sister and I led them to a hotel. They were lost and didn't speak the language." "Lending out a very expensive canopy to someone in need." "I replaced a drummer in a band that needed one! :)" "Put a dollar inside a book I returned to the library ... for either the library people or the next reader to find."

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  1. I am so glad to have found your blog - your post above has certainly given me food for thought! I look forward to reading your future posts!


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