Saturday, April 23, 2011

Angels Everywhere

Here's another great story of how kindness goes along way! Enjoy!

When I was 23 years old I was in a dangerous relationship with the man who was my financee at the time. I was being physically and verbally abused on a daily basis. I was financially tied to him (after he spent all my savings to pay his debts) but I wanted to be free!

For the longest time I was too embarrassed to tell my mother about the situation. She had warned me about him. But, eventually, I worked up the courage to tell her and she sent me the money I needed to leave.
Before the money arrived he found out what I planned to do. I was so scared of what he might do I decided to leave all my things and just get out of there.
Then, on my way to safety, my car died! I had automobile insurance (thanks to my mom) so I called the AAA and had them tow the car to a garage. It turned out the repair was going to cost $80.00 and the money my mom sent hadn't arrived by that point.
The owner of the garage must have known something was up because he asked what was wrong. I told him a brief version of my story and told him I could pay him in two days.
He never told me his name but I will never forget him or what he did for me that day! He fixed the car immediately and told me he would not accept any payment - ever! He said he had a daughter almost my age and would like to think that if she ever needed help in the future then some stranger might do the same for her.
Since then I have tried to help people in my own way. Now I have a beautiful twelve year old daughter and I hope throughout her life she can help others and be helped when she needs it, like I was!

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  1. What a blessing this gentlemen was to this young lady. You never know how people are going react to situations. Thank goodness, in her case, he was one of the good guys.


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