Thursday, March 17, 2011

Angels Walk Among Us

I was watching the news this morning and came across a heart warming story of true kindness that I had to share.

In a small fishing town called Minamisanriku in Japan, that is completed destroyed, there was a woman who survived. She's been doing her small part to help in any way possible. Each day she checks the lists from the internet on people looking for survivors and personally goes to the building where lists of people who have survived and are in emergency shelters and provides updates to the families who don't have access to see the lists of people in shelters.

She feels it's her way of letting complete strangers know the whereabouts of someone that they are searching for to at least let them know they are OK and where they are at.

It's small acts of random kindness like this that truly showcases the wonderful people who walk among us and do what they can, regardless of the cost to help another. This is a shining example that angels do walk among us.


  1. I agree there are Angels that walk among us... I loved reading this post..
    Love to you
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  2. That is a beautiful story. My heart aches for them and I am praying for everyone in Japan.


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