Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taking Time To Appreciate the Little Things In Life

Too often we fail to appreciate the little things in life that really make our day. I thought I would share some of mine with you.

  • The smell of freshly baking bread.

  • The sound of the wind, as is whistles through the pine trees.

  • The sight of snow swirling as it dances on its way to the ground, landing as soft as a whisper.

  • The touch of my kitten nuzzling next to me when she's cold at night.

  • The taste of summer's first strawberries.

  • The way you hit all the green lights when you are driving home.

  • Putting your hand in the pocket of a winter coat and finding money inside.

  • Getting a warm towel out of the dryer on a cold morning.

  • Attending a small town country fair.

  • Having people tell you what an amazing dinner you just made, and it's now their favorite.

  • Hearing Christmas carols in church sung by the congregation.

  • Having your hubby bring you flowers for no special reason.

  • Seeing a glorious sunset filled with all God's colors of the rainbow.

  • Finding a four leaf clover when you aren't really looking for one.

  • Laughing so hard you cry!

  • Feeling the unconditional love of a puppy as it licks your face.

  • Finding a sand dollar.

  • Seeing your first shooting star.

  • Walking and splashing in the puddles after it rains.

This are just a few and I thought I would share them with you as I compile a list. I'd love to hear yours. Please include them in the comments.

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