Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lost and Found

Here's a great story that all came to a very happy ending. Enjoy ~ Kat

Yesterday I was asked to deposit some cash in the bank. I went out with the money to deposit and some extra money which was to be used to pay for renovations going on at my house.

The bank was busy when I arrived so I took a token and waited. While I was waiting I noticed an old lady struggling to get a cash-in payee slip. I went over and got the slip for her and then asked her what she needed done so I could help her. I filled in her slip and got a queue token for her.

When my turn came up, I deposited the money and I then waited for the old lady's turn in case she needed help.
She had intended to deposit three thousand rupees but when it was almost her turn she realized she had lost the money on the way to the bank! She was so upset she started crying. She tried to call her son but was too upset to find his number on her phone. As someone helped her find the phone number her turn came up.

I went straight to the cash counter with her slip and handed over three thousand from the money that I had for my house renovations. By the time I finished the young man who was helping her had called her son and told me that he was on his way.

A few minutes later her son rushed into the bank along with her taxi driver. The taxi driver had found the money when he went home after dropping the old lady off. Since he knew the family he had rung the old lady's son and arranged to meet him. Then they had both rushed to the bank.

Everybody thanked the taxi driver for his honesty. The old woman
and her son hugged me and thanked me too. It gladdened my heart, at a time when my own personal life was sad, to have been able to help another.

They gave me back the money I had deposited for the old lady and tried to give the driver a reward. He refused but the old lady insisted he take it for his family.

When I left to pay for the renovation works, I felt that not only had my home been decorated, but my heart had been decorated as well!


  1. Tat is one remarkable story. Not many people would have done that for a friend let alone a stranger. Thank the Lord there are still a few good people left in this world.


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