Sunday, May 23, 2010

Giving In A Big Way

Here's another wonderful way to spread some love to those hardworking restaurant employees if you are daring enough to try it. I got this email this morning and had to pass it along. Author Unknown. Enjoy!

On Labor Day last year my husband went out for a meal at a restaurant. After we had finished, I asked him if he'd ever given a waiter/waitress a 100% tip. He gave me this funny look (probably because he was thinking about how much our dinner added up to be!) and said he hadn't.

I said that since it was Labor Day and our waitress was working this holiday, it would be fun to give her a 100% tip and see what her reaction would be. He told me I was crazy but agreed anyway!

Our dinner bill came to $32.18 so that's the exact tip we left, $32.18. We tried to hand her our dinner bill folder but she kept telling us to leave it on the table and she would get to it. So we left and we never got to see her reaction. I wondered off and on, and still do to this day, what her reaction was to that tip. I wondered if she would be confused? But then I realised it doesn't matter that we didn't see her reaction - just making the decision to leave a 100% tip was such an awesome feeling and I don't even miss the $32.18! It was worth every penny.

Try it sometime yourself!!


  1. a beautiful gesture!!

  2. That was so sweet of you. We always leave 20%.
    I don't think I could have left without seeing her reaction! I will have to try it :)

  3. What a wonderful and rare story. I am very good at leaving 20%, but never that much. I think more people should give as those people work hard and put up with a lot.


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