Friday, November 20, 2009

Love Found in the Middle of a War!

Here is another proud story of someone who in the midst of war, found love from a complete stranger. I hope you enjoy!

Fact of the Day:

Josh Stieber was in middle school on 9/11. He vowed to enlist in the army after graduating high school, and by 2007, he was deployed to Baghdad. By April 2009, he had left the army, and engaged on a bike ride to spread some love: "I want to take a negative and invest it into a positive. So that's what I've set out to do and I hope that that love is contagious." Conor was a Marine patrol leader. On his orders they went house to house, destroying houses and terrorizing the people. After one such incident, a middle-aged man came out of his now-destroyed house, served them tea and in perfect English, asked Conor about his life and how Iraq was treating him. He had no trace of bitterness or anger in his voice. That was the day Conor decided to leave the military.

Today's Tip for the Day: Do something nice for your kids, bake them cookies, listen to their music being played or even take them out for coffee or ice cream.


  1. I love both men's hearts. War is a very UGLY thing and sometimes we have to fight for what's right. This is a perfect example, however, that the real battle is not against flesh and blood, but between spirits.

  2. You never know what will happen that can bring a blessing to others. Enjoyed reading and learning of both these great stories,

  3. Some day we will be able to see beyond our differences and see our commonality: We are all brothers and sisters of the human race living as neighbors on planet earth. Then we all can sit down and have tea. One heart at a time, We Can make a difference. An uplifting story. Thanks for sharing. Love and Light, Nina P

  4. Enjoyed reading and learning of both these great stories,

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